For those who have yet to experience the incredible storytelling of Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail is a guild which exists in one of Japan’s most popular currently ongoing manga. It tells the story of individuals who belong to a respected guild, as they live life with one another, strengthening the bonds between them, as every day is an adventure for them. This was the concept behind the birth of our Free Company during the open beta days of Final Fantasy XIV back in 2010.

With the core members of Fairy Tail consisting of real life friends and family, we bring a stable, solid group to all newcomers wishing to join the Fairy Tail. Together, from the early stages of XIV on the Rabanastre server, later becoming the Durandal server, we have conquered various forms of end game content. Over the past two years however, Fairy Tail has shifted gears to the casual setting and has since focused the creation of events to take the form of monthly tournaments, challenges, and other fun factors using XIV’s casual content.

We are always in search of like-minded individuals – those who can immerse themselves in competitive fun among other members within the group. Individuals who are both active in game and social. While we carry ourselves as a casual group within the world of Final Fantasy XIV – by no means do we want lazy/lurking individuals. Every member within the free company is expected to carry their own weight. Those who are seeking a free company to hide in it’s shadows, interact with no one, never participate in company events – will not have a long stay with this free company.

If you like the sound of monthly tournaments, an innovative member of the month system that rewards its winners with prizes, website achievements, limited time challenges to conquer, and heavy socializing – please apply via the link provided below. Take your time and answer each question truthfully.

After submitting your application, please register to the website and allow some time for your application to be reviewed. Should your application pass review, your website account will be approved, allowing you to access all features of the website.

Once you have access to the website, please return to this page (you must be logged out of the site to return here, once on this page log in to use the link below) – and click on the link below. Read everything carefully and follow the instructions as seen.

New Recruit Handbook

The New Recruit Handbook will provide you will all the information you need to settle into the Fairy Tail community. If you are unable to find your way back to this page, you can locate the New Recruit Handbook topic on the forum in “Fairy Tail Discussion” – please refer to it as often as needed.



Apply to the Free Company here.