Join Fairy Tail Today!

Fairy Tail is currently looking for new active and social members to join our company! Listed below are some details about our FC that may answer some questions about joining us.

Casual or End Game? – We are a casual company with a history of running end game content. Many are interested in running Alexander and it is possible that we may “at some point” attempt to form end game statics again, however this is not a sure thing. So please take this into consideration before joining us if your goal is strictly an end game company.

Contributing to the Community – While we wear the mantle of a casual, relaxed group, we do expect all members to “pull their weight” as well. Players of an mmo each have their own unique “play style” which is comprised of two main attributes, your skill set within the game and your personality. You got to have one or the other, or more preferably – both of these attributes to contribute to our FC. We want people who know how to interact with others in the group, as well as skilled players so that we may run content together as a group or even form end game statics in the future. Please do not join if you lack the social ability to interact with your fellow FC mates. Do you need to be a chatter box? – No, but we do expect to hear from you. Don’t join an FC to be a shadow that no one recognizes.

Do you need to be hardcore pro-level in game skill? – No, we just want competent members who understand the mechanics of the game and they’re job roles. We want people we can cap out with weekly, or run weekly dungeons, etc together. At least be confident in the role you main as. Outside of those two attributes, any other form of contribution to the FC community is a bonus, but most importantly when inviting new recruits, we’re looking at the two attributes listed above. To summarize – have some social skills and don’t suck and your stay with the Fairy Tail community will be a good one.ย 

Company Time Zone? – Our roster is currently a mix of NA/EU players. So our FC is usually active at all hours of the day. If there is ever any scheduled group content, it will be scheduled on EST time zone.

How are the members? – Crazy! But good people. We are a very free spoken FC, so long as people are respectful to one another. We have a variety of personalities and walks of life within Fairy Tail and when any jabs are thrown, they are usually done so in the form of joking with one another. It is recommended that you are an individual with “thick skin” should you want to join us, someone who can look at conversations touching on topics such as racism, religion, and sexuality without easily being offended by jokes relating to these topics.

How long has Fairy Tail been around? – The Fairy Tail Free Company was established back during Final Fantasy XIV’s open beta during the 1.0 days. Originally on the Rabanastre server, which was later changed to the Durandal server. We moved to the Excalibur server due to Durandal being placed on the japanese data center during the release of 2.0.

Hanging out together on other devices and beyond! – We try to keep our community tight knit and therefore promote the use of voice chatting frequently as well as gaming outside of Final Fantasy. Our preferred choice for voice chatting is Skype due to its availability on multiple devices that other chat programs are not located on such as Xbox One or Playstation Vita.

Misc details – We are a rank 8 FC with medium housing that supports all the useful facilities you would expect from a company house (chocobo stables, mailbox, garden, striking dummy, mender, vendors, armoire, summoning bell, and a company chest). We are conveniently placed just a few yalms away from a market board as well. The FC leader is a fan of keeping the community fun and lively which results in frequent contests and monthly challenges that award members website achievements and from time to time actual in game rewards, whether they be gifted from Mog Station or something purchased in game. We also like to hold gaming events that pull us away from Eorzea for a while to gather and play random group games over consoles like Xbox One or Playstation 4. Usually becoming a competitive gaming nights as we tend to gamble things our gil during these events.ย 

If you feel you want to find a home within the Fairy Tail Free Company, there are a number of ways you can join us.

Use the in game application feature and submit an application with a comment. This will allow any officers to pull you into the company at any time, whether you’re online/offline/in a duty. This is the most efficient way to go about joining. Just look up anyone within the FT roster and select “view company profile” to use the in game application feature.

Fill out and submit an application from our website. On our front page select “Apply Now” located on the right hand side of the page in the member tools box.

send a /tell to Seikaius Gilgaroth or Alevia Acuti.

Everything is oh-kay!

Anything that was severely broken to my knowledge has been resolved now. Got the login bar back on top.

The rest are just visual things. All in good time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Site Under Construction

See my recent message on my profile – due to a combination of coding updates and our hosting provider having issues, this site is stuck in a mode where I can’t resolve things. For now, refrain from using the site too much. Will resolve this as soon as I’m able and once the hosting provider has resolved issues on their end.


If You Can Heal or Tank – We Want You!

Fairy Tail is currently looking to recruit a skilled tank and healer to join our Second Coil progression group. As things stand at the moment โ€“ weโ€™ve have yet to make much progress within the Second Coil (we are currently just learning turn 7) due to the inability to run consistently from lack of available tanks and healers. We are in need of people who know what they are doing vs who โ€œthinkโ€ they know what they are doing.

We run coil twice a week โ€“ Tue. starting at 10:00 P.M. EST โ€“ 12:00 A.M. EST and Wed. starting at 8:30 P.M. EST โ€“ 11:30 P.M. EST

We also run a good deal of open content to gear up the members who are new to the end game scene. These runs are Mon. 4:00 P.M. EST โ€“ 6:30 P.M. EST and Thurs. at the same time.

We are not looking for people to just static with โ€“ we are recruiting for our Free Company.

Tank position – progression group. We’re looking for a full time tank to attend all our coil runs.

Healer position – Reserves. We’re looking for a healer to be available whenever one of our main healers is not. At the moment one of our main healers is unable to play and may be unable to get back on the game for a few weeks.

We prefer people with experience โ€“ as that will speed things up, but it is not required. So long as you are experienced on your job.

We are looking for people who will commit to the group, and if more experienced than the rest of the group, have patience, a good attitude, and the ability to not rage quit the company due to lack of immediate progress. This is no place for high ego’s or rage quitters.

If the above days and times work for you, if you are in need of a helpful, fun Free Company, please click the link below to be taken to our application page and submit one.

You may also /tell Seikaius Gilgaroth or Salryl Greydron in game if you have any questions. If we are away from the game at the time you message us โ€“ we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Once you have filled out and submitted an application you should submit an application in game โ€“ letting us know that you have submitted an application on the website in your comment. This will allow any officers to pull you into the company if you are in a duty or offline.

You may also register on our website while waiting for someone to get to you.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Join Fairy Tail B Team!

Casual’s and newcomers alike – Fairy Tail has started a new Free Company to cater to the lower levels or casual players on Excalibur who wish to have more than just a Fairy Tail Linkshell.

The Fairy Tail B Team welcomes all players in need of an FC. Our goal is to train up some new recruits and show them the ropes of the game – while keeping an eye open for great potential to transfer over to our core FC – Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail B Team (FT B) is a casual experience and no one is obligated to become elite and join the core FC, that is purely based on the individual.

Every member of FT B is invited to carry a pearl to our Linkshell – Fairy Tail Lite, which houses players from a number of different companies, as well as every member of the original Fairy Tail.

FT B requires no application process outside of the game to join. Just like our Linkshell, just send a /tell to Seikaius Gilgaroth, Luxandra Ignis, or Tallgeese Armitage for an invitation to both the LS and FT B. Or submit an “In-game” so in the event that you cannot reach any of the people mentioned, we can still approve and pull you into the FC when we see it.

Registration on our website is optional as well, but highly recommended as it grants you access to the sites features as well as our forums.

Help Fairy Tail B Team reach company rank 6 so that we can provide you with housing and the benefits that come with it. B Teams house will be located directly next to the core FC’s house. Enjoy having two homes!

Join today! ๐Ÿ™‚

Help us bring the Fairy Tail Guild Hall to Excalibur!

Fairy Tail is currently seeking out all housing enthusiasts on the Excalibur server! Anyone who has enjoyed game series such as The Sims, or Animal Crossing understand the joy of owning your own home in a game. Especially when it’s an epic MMORPG with graphics as beautiful as those found in FInal Fantasy XIV.

While we would love for nothing more than to have enough gil to purchase a plot of land now and get our house, the harsh reality is, that we do not and are in need of individuals who wish to dedicate their time and effort into helping our bank grow so that we can establish the Fairy Tail Guildhall on our home server of Excalibur.

While contributions are greatly appreciated, we are not searching for extremely wealthy players to just fork over their gil to us. We want to earn our home, together. We are aiming for a minimum of one million gil donated per member a month. For many of our current members, this number is near impossible as much of our current roster is dedicated to the end game scene and more focused on developing their equipment vs gil. Which is why we we are seeking those who love to craft and farm the land.

We want people who have multiple crafting classes or field classes at 50.

Not having multiple 50 DoH/DoL classes does not mean you are restricted from joining. So long as you have the dedication to farm mats to sell or provide to our craftsmen, that is just as good.

LOVE farming! If you can spend hours on end farming items, we want you!

We want individuals who know how to play the markets smart! We don’t want the people who undercut/butcher the markets just to make a quick gil. We want the people who know how to make the economy flourish, not crash. Hurting the wards will only make the goal of buying a home that much more longer and painful.

If the above listed sounds like you, then please, apply today! Please note however, that if you have intentions of joining the FC for end game purposes as well, you must fill out the FC application. Shortly we will have a “Housing Application” up as well. If you are reading this and the Housing Application is not yet available, but you are interested in joining us, please send a /tell in game to Seikaius Gilgaroth. You will be interviewed on the spot and if all sounds well, invited to join us. Once the Housing Application goes live, you will need to submit one for archiving purposes.

All applicants must register on the Fairy Tail Forums and website as well. Access will be granted if you are accepted into the FC.

Now Recruiting New Active Members

Our applications are back online and revised to better fit A Realm Reborn. Anyone seeking to join Fairy Tail now has two options in doing so. You may join as a casual member in the linkshell, or as a dedicated member in ย the free company. We’re looking for people who are active players in the game both veteran and new players alike. Apply now!

Strength In Numbers

The option to create your own group has been enabled. Use this feature to create groups about anything youโ€™d like and invite all your friends to join you! This feature is only available to registered members. Aside from groups, there is still more content to be added to the website soon. Have fun!

Welcome to the Fairy Tail website version 4!

Welcome visitors and members. The wait for our newly revamped site is over at last! Completely redone from the ground up to to celebrate and welcome the coming changes with A Realm Reborn, Our new site features a multitude of changes to satisfy our guests and members both visually and interactively.

For players who are interested in joining Fairy Tail, we are currently recruiting new members. It’s a whole new world and we’d love to enter it with new allies standing by our side. However – at this point our application page is currently down as revisions are being made to the application. Check back with us often, the revisions should be completed soon.

For our current members – everyone must register on this new site to use it’s features, please be sure not to forget to register. Refer to the Site features and updates thread on our forums for a link to the registration page – or simply use the tool bar located at the top of the page.