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Fairy Tail is currently looking for new active and social members to join our company! Listed below are some details about our FC that may answer some questions about joining us.

Casual or End Game? – We are a casual company with a history of running end game content. Many are interested in running Alexander and it is possible that we may “at some point” attempt to form end game statics again, however this is not a sure thing. So please take this into consideration before joining us if your goal is strictly an end game company.

Contributing to the Community – While we wear the mantle of a casual, relaxed group, we do expect all members to “pull their weight” as well. Players of an mmo each have their own unique “play style” which is comprised of two main attributes, your skill set within the game and your personality. You got to have one or the other, or more preferably – both of these attributes to contribute to our FC. We want people who know how to interact with others in the group, as well as skilled players so that we may run content together as a group or even form end game statics in the future. Please do not join if you lack the social ability to interact with your fellow FC mates. Do you need to be a chatter box? – No, but we do expect to hear from you. Don’t join an FC to be a shadow that no one recognizes.

Do you need to be hardcore pro-level in game skill? – No, we just want competent members who understand the mechanics of the game and they’re job roles. We want people we can cap out with weekly, or run weekly dungeons, etc together. At least be confident in the role you main as. Outside of those two attributes, any other form of contribution to the FC community is a bonus, but most importantly when inviting new recruits, we’re looking at the two attributes listed above. To summarize – have some social skills and don’t suck and your stay with the Fairy Tail community will be a good one. 

Company Time Zone? – Our roster is currently a mix of NA/EU players. So our FC is usually active at all hours of the day. If there is ever any scheduled group content, it will be scheduled on EST time zone.

How are the members? – Crazy! But good people. We are a very free spoken FC, so long as people are respectful to one another. We have a variety of personalities and walks of life within Fairy Tail and when any jabs are thrown, they are usually done so in the form of joking with one another. It is recommended that you are an individual with “thick skin” should you want to join us, someone who can look at conversations touching on topics such as racism, religion, and sexuality without easily being offended by jokes relating to these topics.

How long has Fairy Tail been around? – The Fairy Tail Free Company was established back during Final Fantasy XIV’s open beta during the 1.0 days. Originally on the Rabanastre server, which was later changed to the Durandal server. We moved to the Excalibur server due to Durandal being placed on the japanese data center during the release of 2.0.

Hanging out together on other devices and beyond! – We try to keep our community tight knit and therefore promote the use of voice chatting frequently as well as gaming outside of Final Fantasy. Our preferred choice for voice chatting is Skype due to its availability on multiple devices that other chat programs are not located on such as Xbox One or Playstation Vita.

Misc details – We are a rank 8 FC with medium housing that supports all the useful facilities you would expect from a company house (chocobo stables, mailbox, garden, striking dummy, mender, vendors, armoire, summoning bell, and a company chest). We are conveniently placed just a few yalms away from a market board as well. The FC leader is a fan of keeping the community fun and lively which results in frequent contests and monthly challenges that award members website achievements and from time to time actual in game rewards, whether they be gifted from Mog Station or something purchased in game. We also like to hold gaming events that pull us away from Eorzea for a while to gather and play random group games over consoles like Xbox One or Playstation 4. Usually becoming a competitive gaming nights as we tend to gamble things our gil during these events. 

If you feel you want to find a home within the Fairy Tail Free Company, there are a number of ways you can join us.

Use the in game application feature and submit an application with a comment. This will allow any officers to pull you into the company at any time, whether you’re online/offline/in a duty. This is the most efficient way to go about joining. Just look up anyone within the FT roster and select “view company profile” to use the in game application feature.

Fill out and submit an application from our website. On our front page select “Apply Now” located on the right hand side of the page in the member tools box.

send a /tell to Seikaius Gilgaroth or Alevia Acuti.

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